1 John 3:11-4:6

Be quiet and still for a moment, and prepare to enter the presence of Almighty God, through his word and in prayer.


1 John 3:11-4:6


It’s all about love, love, love. Love changes us. Once we know love, we are never the same again. Jesus loved us so much that he laid down his life for us.

So how can we keep on hating other people? How can we keep on doing things that mean we have more and more and more, and other people have less and less and less?

Surprisingly easily actually. It’s funny, but being a Christian doesn’t mean that you go round with a halo on, seeking to build everyone up and helping old ladies crossing the road. It’s just that you have a greater awareness that these can be the things that God would like you to do…(except the halo maybe). We know a God who draws close to the brokenhearted. Who heals the sick, feeds the hungry, and who chose to spend his time living on earth with some of the poorest people around. We know a God who forgives people, even when they have done the most terrible things to him.

How can we move our lives into step with what we believe? Well, the more time we spend in prayer and in reading the Bible, the more we have a sense of who God is and what he would expect from us. We see his heart. Gradually, we start to be changed in being more like him.

And then we can be specific. We can spend time confessing to God the times when we’ve known that we’ve sinned, and receive his forgiveness for that. We can be free from the hatred and greed and all the sins that weigh us down. Finally, we can pray that God would give us a heart for the things that he cares about around us, whatever they might be.


Lord God, help me to see the world as you see it. I’m sorry for the times when I have treated others badly and been unloving. Give me your heart for people and situations so that I can change and do things to help where it is needed the most. Amen.


Watch the news and pray about the situations you see where people need God’s help.


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