1 John 2:18-29

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In this passage, John refers to the time he is living in as “the last hour”. He lived constantly expecting Jesus’ return. This is an expectancy that we should also have – knowing that the Lord’s return could come at any time.

It’s a reminder that we should be conscientious and prepared for when this happens – instead of thinking “what’s the bare minimum I can do to make it to heaven?” we should try our hardest to live as good Christians now, abiding in Jesus, so that we are not ashamed when he does come back.

Do you abide in Him? Or do you just hang out with Jesus every now and again? Abiding, or living in Jesus all the time gives us confidence that if we somehow knew he was coming back next week, we wouldn’t need to change our lives dramatically before then. We are already on the right track.

John says at the end of this passage that the Lord is righteous, so those who are born of Him are also able to do things right. When someone is born of someone else, there is usually a family resemblance. Maybe a baby has their father’s nose, or their mother’s eyes. In my case, I have my mum’s hands – they are almost identical! It’s the same with the children of God – we have a family resemblance to our Father in heaven. What a great family legacy and heritage to have!

Dear Lord, help me to live in you today and every day, so I am prepared for when you return. Thank your for being there and guiding me to do the right thing as I go through life. Amen.


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