1 John 2:1-17

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Forgiveness is such a powerful and wonderful thing. It’s not always easy though. Yesterday we looked at how and why God forgives us when we do things wrong. But what about forgiving each other?

I think grudges are a terrible thing. Grudge a bit of an odd word, but it sort of means hating someone for a long time. Grudges can ruin friendships, destroy family ties make all sorts of trouble. The antidote for a grudge is forgiveness. Deciding to forgive someone is not always easy, but we should use God as our example. If he can forgive us for all the wrong things we do, we should in turn forgive others who wrong us.

In this passage it says that if you hate someone you are in the darkness, and walk around in the dark. It goes on to say that people like this don’t know where they are going because the darkness has blinded them. Scary stuff! For anyone in that situation, wouldn’t it be wonderful to let that hate go, forgive that person and see the darkness lift from you life? Maybe you don’t even know you have been walking around in the dark – but by forgiving someone you can be suddenly in set free and in the light.

It reminds me of some new glasses they have invented for people who are colour-blind. When they wear these glasses they suddenly see colours much brighter than they ever knew they could be. (There are some great videos online of people trying them on for the first time). So if you are feeling hate towards someone, remember to use God as your example, forgive them, and it might give you a new perspective on life too!

Dear Lord, thank you for your forgiveness, and help us to forgive each other. We pray that we can follow your example, so that we can forgive each other and make peace in our hearts. Amen.


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