1 John 1

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Pobody’s nerfect right? Oh you know what I mean – nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. Little mistakes such as with spelling (honestly I am a terrible speller, thank goodness for spell check) or sometimes really big mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, it doesn’t matter where you are from, your background or what you do.

Sometimes I think that non-Christians see Christians as a perfect group of people who never place a foot wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth! Christians make just as many mistakes in life as everyone else. That’s the great thing about being a Christian – making a mess of things doesn’t mean we’ve failed – we never have to worry when we make a mistake or do something wrong – as long as we are truly sorry for what we have done, God will always forgive us. Always.

Why would he do that? Because of what happened to Jesus on the cross. He died for us, to forgive our sins – and this created a way for us to come to God no matter what mistakes we make. Whether you’ve said something you shouldn’t have done, let someone down, or even committed a terrible crime – if you are truly sorry and come to God to ask for forgiveness he will always grant it. The bible says that if we say we have no sin, then the truth is not in us. God knows that we do things wrong, he expects it even – but when we come to him asking for forgiveness he will erase all those mistakes, and make us brand new.

Dear God, I am sorry for all the things I do wrong. Please forgive my sins, wash me clean and make me new. Thank you that when we come to you to confess our sins, you always forgive us. This I pray in Jesus name, Amen.


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