2 Peter 2:13-22

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Have you ever taken a wrong turn on the way to somewhere? I’m not sure how we ever survived without google maps or GPS – does anyone remember what it was like spending time pouring over maps to plan a route, instead of just tapping the postcode into your Sat Nav? Side note… technology is awesome 😀

But what about getting lost in life? Have you ever felt like you are heading down the wrong path? In this passage, Peter is warning us against false teachers who can often lead us the wrong way, so that we can end up lost. He puts it like this: a good teacher is like a deep well or fountain – full of instruction and direction. False teachers are like empty wells, or a spring without water – they are dry and empty with no truth in them. We should try to identify who in our life is a “good teacher” – someone who can refresh us, just like water can!

If you feel like you are heading down the wrong path in life, there is always a way to turn around and start heading in the right direction. No mater what route you are traveling, Jesus wants to help you to walk on a better path. His love is better than GPS – it never takes us down the wrong path!

Dear Jesus, thank you that you are there for me no matter what. Help me to recognise the good teachers in my life, and to be there for others.

If you are feeling lost, why not pray this week that Jesus will help you to find the right path, and find the good teachers in your life who will nurture and guide you along on your way.


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