2 Peter 1:1-11

Spend a bit of time praying about what God  might be wanting to say to you today through His word.


2 Peter 1:1-11


Can you imagine knowing that you have everything you need already to live the life that God has for you?

I don’t know about you, but I know that I completely mess things up a lot of the time. I act in a way that’s unhelpful. I think about people that does not honour God. I know that I’m supposed to be worshipping a Holy God who hates those sorts of things, but I know that I’m always right and justified and my situation is completely unique…even the Son of God himself would be angry if he was in my place, I mean, come on!

Sometimes trying to be holy is something that feels completely impossible. Sometimes it feels a bit like no one else is bothering to try, so why should you. Sometimes it feels uncool, unpopular. Sometimes you don’t even realise that you’re making mistakes.

But Peter says we have everything we need to be able to do this. We have all we need to be holy and blameless before God – through Jesus and what he gave for us on the cross. We also have the power of the Holy Spirit, living in us, showing us the path we should take. Peter even says we can participate in the divine nature – super theology speak for saying that God is transforming us bit by bit into the likeness of Jesus when we choose to follow him and live for him.

So because of this, we should make every effort to be good, to know things about God and ourselves, and practice self control  (the more you practice, the better at it you get!) and persevere (keeping on keeping on), and be godly, to demonstrate mutual affection – basically to care for one another and to love one another. These things will help us in our journey to know Jesus better.

It might be hard. It might be uncool. But it will change us and help us to live lives on fire for Jesus – better than singing all the songs – it is worshipping with all that we are.

I’m going to keep trying. Why don’t you?


Lord God, thank you that you take us as you find us, and forgive us for all our mistakes and deliberate choices to make mistakes. Help us follow you more closely today as we try to be holy in all that we are. Amen.


Is there something you think God is calling you to bring to him in your struggle to be holy?


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