1 Peter 2:4-12

Have you had your calling to the right path?

When describing the church, Peter spoke about several Old Testament pieces. He portrays the church as a living spiritual Temple, with Christ as a foundation and each believer as a brick. Paul also describes the church as a body, with Christ as the head and each believer as a limb. Both metaphors emphasize community. One brick is not a temple or even a wall, just like a single limb is useless without the others. When God urges you to a calling, remember that he is also calling others to work with you. Together you will work as one to complete what God has asked of you. Look for those people and join them to build a beautiful house for God. Our relationship with God is far more important than anything else, more than work, money, successes or knowledge. We have been chosen by God and so you have worth because of what God does and not what you do. God will not let us down. We can put all our trust in him because the eternal life he promises is certain.

In 2:8, Jesus is called “the stone that makes people stumble, the rock that will make them fall.” Some may stumble over Christ because they reject him or refuse to believe that he is who he says he’s is. Psalm 118:22 says that “the stone rejected by the builders has now become the cornerstone,” the most important part of God’s building, the church. In the same way today, people have stumbled past God who could have saved them, not knowing that they still can be saved through Jesus. But if you have already chosen God and Jesus as your savior, then you will not stumble and you should show everyone how amazing it is to follow God.

Imagine that you are on an adventure and you have to travel a long way. You know the end will be amazing and so you don’t stop the adventure until you get to the end. The end is The Kingdom of Heaven and the adventure is our time on Earth. The adventure may seem difficult and tricky but that is because we have never been on this adventure before and so don’t know what is ahead. That is why in 2:11 Peter says we are “foreigners and aliens”. We don’t belong here, we belong with God in heaven and Earth is just our path to get there.


Help us listen to you and follow your advice. Show us the right path to you and help others to find the correct path as well. Thank you for the church and the family of believers.


Are you listening to God? Talk to others about what God has told you in the past week. Work together to help each other achieve what God has asked of you.


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