1 Peter 1:1-13

How does suffering help us to feel closer to God?

Peter wrote this letter to the people in his time. Back then, not everyone met Jesus and so this was his way to tell the people that didn’t know Jesus, about Him. Peter encourages his readers that they were chosen by God and so nothing can take away the eternal life He gives to those who believes in Him. So it was for everyone including the newer Christians. He shows that whether this was your 1st day as a Christian or you 10,000th day, the love of God is the same and it doesn’t mean that your faith is any less. Peter explains through the letters that even if you didn’t meet Jesus in person, your faith was just as strong, if not stronger, as of someone who had. Peter also wrote these letters for the people in the future to read – after Jesus died, to tell us that we should believe in Him even now.

Many Christians everywhere are a subject of misunderstanding, ridicule and even harassment from strangers and even from people they called  friends. Peter explains that this experience makes us learn more about God. Peter wrote this to give us hope and to show that the pain will end and we will be joined with God in Heaven. Peter mentions suffering several times in this letter and when he speaks about the pain and suffering, he’s not talking about natural disasters or the experiences of God’s punishment, but the response from the unbelieving world to the people of faith.

As gold is heated, all of its impurities float to the top. Then they can be scraped off and the gold is left perfect. Now the gold represents us, the heat is God’s love, the impurities are our sins and the action of scraping off the impurities is Jesus, then what do we have? What we have is, by trusting in God’s love to show us the right path and by “excepting” Jesus’ sacrifice, we are then able to fit perfectly in Heaven and have eternal life with Jesus. In 1:3, Peter uses the term “born again” which refers to the spiritual birth, the Holy Spirit’s act of bringing believers into God’s family. Eternal life begins when we trust in Jesus Christ and join God’s family.


Thank you for making us the way we are. Please help us through our suffering that causes us pain in our lives, and lead us on the right path to follow you.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.
Even though we are going through different types of suffering now, think about what good God has done for you in your life and how one day you will be with Jesus in Heaven.


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