James 4:13-5:6

Written by the awe-inspiring Emma


James 4:13-5:6


For a lot of young people you won’t really be thinking about jobs, money, houses etc… So this is really for a future time when you will be.

Ok so here is my experience of these such things. I’m not the type of person who hears God’s voice telling me what to do. To be honest most of the time I just hope that my gut feeling is the one that God has planned for me, I’m not always right (or I am because that’s where God needs me), ultimately after something happening me wondering where the heck my life is going everything works out. God’s plan usually works out and to be honest with you if I did what I wanted I may have more money or maybe have a house but I know I wouldn’t be happy. I know God’s intentions for me are good and trusting him hasn’t failed so far.

So what I hope you draw from this is you may think getting everything money, things is the better option but ultimately God knows your true path and what will make you truly happy.


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