James 4:1-12

Written by the wonderful Emma


James 4:1-12


‘What causes fights and quarrels among you?’ (James 4:1)

This may seem like such a simple quote but it’s such a relevant one. Today I’m absolutely exhausted I was woken up at 5:30am, which for some of you is normal for me on a weekend I would have liked an extra 4 hours in bed. I’m not a morning person, nor am I a good tired person, when I’m tired I’m grouchy and then I get hangry (anger from being hungry). So I tend to snap at the smallest thing I am just too tired to really care. But thing is I feel massively guilty for doing so, I don’t like being that person who snaps at the little things or gets rattled by some small insignificant thing, it’s just not me. I think sometimes we need to understand our bodies are just going to feel like this tired, exhausted, hangry, sad or something else and that’s ok. When we feel this way we shouldn’t bite people’s heads of cause arguments and fights we need to know when it’s time to walk away, be honest and day “I’m sorry I’m feeling really grouchy today” or just to work through trying really hard to not start the argument. It’s so hard when, like me today, you are just exhausted and don’t have the energy but pray God is with you, guiding you through the day.

God, I pray that today you are with me especially when I’m feeling emotional, upset, tired and angry. Help me to seek you when I feel upset and to calm me before the storm. Please be with me during day and let me see you working in me. Amen.


One thought on “James 4:1-12

  1. A really honest and helpful post. I think we all get snappy and hangry at times. Hilary and I (married for 12 years now and still working at our relationship!) try hard to declare our moods up front, as in “I am feeling tetchy this morning “, which we interpret as keep a safe distance, NOT a good time to discuss challenging issues, but also NOT a judgement on the other half! If I am feeling irritable I find going for a long walk with the dog (who always seems happy) very helpful.


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