James 3:1-12

Written by the amazing Emma


James 3:1-12


This passage is challenging me… I haven’t really got much a filter usually I end up saying whatever weird things enter my brain. Although this means I have some amazing and weird conversations sometimes I’m wary I talk too much. I would never want to hurt someone’s feelings or judge someone before I know them, if this passage teaches me anything it is to not listen to closely to what people say and to think before I talk about someone to their face or behind it. As humans it’s our natural instinct to have opinions and feelings about people and situations but before we proclaim those feelings, in a rant to the nearest person, we should take a step back and see what damage we could do!

Lord, I pray you help me to be more aware of what I am saying. Please give me the ability to use my voice to praise you and do your work. Amen


One thought on “James 3:1-12

  1. Criticism can be destructive and must be used very sparingly. When I was in ‘management’ I used to remind staff of the four ‘C’s – Cautious, Caring, Constructive Criticism. It is too easy to judge others, though we never like being judged! Even though we deserve criticism for our sinful ways, it is in God’s nature to put mercy before judgement and let forgiveness through Christ’s sacrifice remove the burden of guilt!


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