James 2:14-26

Written by the fantastic Emma


James 2:14-26


Actions speak louder than words.

Anyone can say they are a Christian… “I’m a Christian”. So I’m a Christian now right…

In this passage ‘You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.’ (James 2:24). You can say you’re a Christian and go to Church every Sunday you appear to be the perfect Christian but according to this passage that is not enough. We should be showing our love through actions not just by our faith alone.

I think this is an opportunity to set ourselves a challenge. For the next few weeks look out for ways you can help someone or an opportunity to do a good deed (so letting us know where you found an awesome Pokémon would be great thanks!).


One thought on “James 2:14-26

  1. I think that one of the ‘jobs’ of the Holy Spirit is to prompt us to think more of those around us who need an extra dose of TLC – tender loving care! Not quite sure how this works in practice but perhaps it arises from prayer – if we pray diligently and thoughtfully for those we know and even some folk we don’t know so well we may find we are prompted to a simple act of kindness that will make a huge difference to their day.


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