Hebrews 9:15-28

What was the last sacrifice you made?


Hebrews 9:15-28


As we said yesterday, in the Old Testament, the law said that people needed blood to be shed to pay for wrongdoing. The writer to the Hebrews explains why this is – because if someone has made a will, it doesn’t come into effect until they die. You don’t write a will and then have people queue up to take your stuff while you’re still around to enjoy it. That would just be silly. It’s the same here. God had a special relationship with his people called a Covenant, which is an agreement which is legally binding and requires both parties to offer something. God offered himself and his love, and we were offered a set of laws, which we failed to keep. There was a sacrifice made as that covenant was put into place, the tabernacle was sprinkled with blood and without blood there can be no forgiveness.

But the things that were being sprinkled with blood and made clean by it (yes, blood was making people clean – weird I know) were only copies of heavenly realities. So Jesus went to the real thing to make us clean  – once and for all by giving himself.

And one day he will come back to us, not to deal with sin this time, but to bring salvation and usher in the new creation and God’s kingdom on earth. What’s not to like about that?


Lord God, thank you that you gave yourself so that we can be free from our mistakes. Help us to live in relationship with you. Amen.


Some of this is a bit weird, and we’re not suggesting you approach a friend to ask “have you been saved by the blood of the lamb?” but is there anyone in your friends who needs to hear about Jesus’ love for them, and that they can be set free from the bad things they’ve done?


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