Hebrews 5:11-6:12

Written by the fantastic Sarah Long. Sarah works for the Diocese of Winchester as Youth Adviser having previously worked for Romance Academy and as a Youth Worker in Camberley. Follow her on Twitter at @snailsarah


Read: Hebrews 5:11-6:12


If you had to write a list of the basics of the Christian Faith, what would be on it?

What things would be the first things you think a Christian needs to know as they grow in faith?

The apostle Paul’s list in Hebrews 6:1-3 looks a like this:

  • Repentance from acts that lead to death
  • Faith in God
  • Instruction about baptisms and the laying on of hands
  • The resurrection of the dead
  • Eternal judgement/ the judgement of the coming age

How does that list stack up to your list?

For Paul, understanding and accepting these things is the ‘milk’, the baby food, of the Christian Faith. They’re the basic building blocks to get into place, to lead us on to greater and more complex understanding about God and our relationship with him – the meat of our faith.

So… How hungry are you feeling? Feel like you’ve got the milk down and are hungry for the more complex meaty teachings of faith? Feeling a little bemused by the list because it’s so different to yours? Or feeling a little sick at the sight of all that milk?

For Paul, and we can assume the early church, these bits of teaching were both obvious and vitally important. Which means, they probably should be for us too.

If you’re feeling bemused by the list, why not have a chat with an older trusted Christian and see if together you can figure out a bit about what the bible says about these things?

If you feel you’ve got that lot down, it’s time to stretch yourself with something meaty! The good news is that Paul is about to start throwing plenty of meat around in the next few chapters of Hebrews, so there’s plenty to dig into over th next few days here. By why not team the blogs here with reading the chapters yourself with a commentary for company – I’d recommend ‘Hebrews for Everyone’ by NT Wright (you can download it from Amazon).

Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity’ – Hebrews 6:1



Thank you God that there is always so much to discover about you because you are so big and so beyond our imaginations. Thank you that you don’t judge us when we don’t understand everything, but instead want to help us understand more. Give us clarity to understand the ‘milk’ of our faith and hunger to pursue the ‘meat’ of our faith. Amen



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