Hebrews 3

 Hebrews 3

Are you ever stubborn when God guides you?

In today’s reading we are reminded just how great Jesus is and that we are safe, indeed saved, if we remain in his care as his people.

That’s the good news but the bad news is that when we hear God’s ‘still, small voice’ speaking to us, we must obey and not be stubborn for our own sakes! We must not ignore him or, worse still, rebel against him. If we do, then he will be angry with us and like any loving parent will punish us to correct us.

We are reminded of God’s people who, having been rescued by God, through Moses, from Pharoah in Egypt, then stubbornly turned against him when they came upon testing times in the desert. God got tired of them and became angry with them and told them that they would never enter his place of rest!

So we are warned that we must watch out! When evil thoughts or doubts try to enter our minds and turn us away from God we must reject them and not even consider them. We must not let temptation get the better of us and give in to it as, if we do, we are stubbornly turning away from God and will sooner or later anger him and force him to punish us to turn us around. We should hold on tightly to God, to our faith in him, and help and encourage each other to do so – we’re in this together!

Did you know that even Moses, having brought God’s people out of Egypt and led them through the desert, then disobeyed God big time and as a result was not allowed by God to enter into the promised land with the people he had helped God rescue. Read Numbers 20: 8-12. Never underestimate God’s reaction if we stubbornly continue to sin!


We love you and we really want to obey you and not be stubborn or anger you. Please help us to recognise any wrong ways in our lives and to stop, say sorry, be forgiven and never return to them, whatever the temptation.


When Temptation comes knocking on your door, and He will today, don’t welcome him in, don’t even stand and argue with him on the doorstep, don’t even open the door – call Jesus instead, ask him to deal with the unwanted visitor, you won’t see him again for a while!



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