Hebrews 2

How clear are you about the real message Jesus has for us?

Hebrews 2

Today’s reading seems quite difficult really – what do you make of it? Let’s look at some of the ideas it offers :

  • Jesus came to tell us personally, face-to-face, how we can be saved. We must really think about this and then put it into practice in our lives, or else we will not escape our old lives and we will not be saved.
  • God loves us and cares for us dearly. He leads us to be saved. He has crowned us with glory and honour and has put everything under our power! – He’s not left anything out of our power! – something we don’t really accept.
  • Because of God’s wonderful kindness, Jesus died for us all and having suffered and died, he is crowned with glory and honour – made perfect by suffering. Jesus has led us to be saved and to share in his glory and to all belong to the same family. He refers to us as his brothers and sisters.
  • Jesus became flesh and blood, like us. He was tempted and knowing what that is like, first hand, he can now help any of us when we are tempted. Jesus also became flesh and blood so that he could die instead of us, for the forgiveness of our sins, to rescue us all from the death we really deserve.

So, to try and summarise, Jesus came as a person, as one of us, to rescue us from death – the natural consequence of all our wrongdoing. He came as a person so that he could live and experience all we do and help us to live through temptation and everything else, as his brothers and sisters. He came as a person so that he could die as a person and so take our punishment and leave us free to be reunited with God and live forever with him in glory and honour.

Wow! Perhaps today’s reading is not so difficult after all – just awesome!


Help us to get our heads round just what you have done for us through Jesus. Help us to see and accept the simple truth that Jesus came to save us, to rescue us, to reunite us with you, and he went to extraordinary lengths to do so.

Thank you so much


When you next pray, spend the first few moments remembering just what Jesus has done for you and how he has rescued you for ever with his own human life! – the rest of your prayers will be all the better for it!


One thought on “Hebrews 2

  1. These are really helpful notes. I find Hebrews hard work, mainly because I am not especially interested in the beliefs and traditions of the Jews. I know I should be as they set the essential context for the birth, life, death and resurrection of Our Lord. Thank you Michael.


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