Titus 3

Titus 3

So what have we been saved for?

As Christians we know that we have been saved but what does that really mean?

What have we been saved from? Paul explains to Titus, and us, that we have been saved from being slaves to our passions and pleasures – temptations which we never used to be able to resist – temptations which continually deceived us into believing they’d bring us lasting fulfilment but only delivered short term shallow pleasure which left us at best dissatisfied and at worst ashamed.

So does being saved mean we are no longer tempted and no longer do wrong? Well ‘No’ & ‘No’. We will continue to be tempted, as was Jesus, and we can still give in, but, we no longer have to. We now have the power to say “No”. God has promised that he will never let us be tempted by more than we can resist? That’s truly wonderful news but it also takes away all our excuses!

Why have we been saved? – because we deserve it? – No. Paul explains that we’ve been saved purely through God’s mercy so we can trust in God and devote ourselves to doing what is good in order to provide for others’ needs and not live unproductive lives. He warns us to avoid those who would divert us from this and try and waste our time in pointless arguments and quarrels – do you know any of those?


Thank you for saving us from our sinful past – the prison door is open! – our chains have fallen off! Help us now to walk free and use that freedom to live good lives and so find that lasting fulfilment we’ve been always been looking for.


Take few moments right now to rejoice that you’ve been saved and take in all that means.



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