2 Timothy 1:1 -14

Written by the marvellous and splendiferous Roger


2 Timothy 1 v1 -14



Paul is now writing his second letter to Timothy. He is again in prison in Rome and does not know if he will be released. He is very emotional when he remembers Timothy and Timothy’s mother and grandmother whose faith had endured.

Despite his position Paul thanks God for his life and for his protection through his hardship and suffering. Paul believes he will soon be put to death, but tells Timothy how Jesus has conquered death and that he is comforted by his faith.

So even from his cell and in his darkness he is sending Timothy words of encouragement.

What would you feel if you were imprisoned like Paul especially when you had done nothing wrong? Could you write such a letter? What would you feel to receive a letter like this?

We can all encourage each other in times of hardship. When we have suffered difficulties we can probably understand better and empathise with someone else going through a similar difficulty.

How would someone who did not believe in God get through their times of trouble? I can’t imagine how. Paul had received the peace of the Lord to sustain him and found strength and salvation.



You are the wind in my sails
You guide me as I steer and find direction.
You give me the strength to keep on going.
You watch over me as I navigate stormy seas.
You are the harbour where I stop for rest.
You are my encourager when I lose hope.
You are the lighthouse that keeps my path safe.
You are with me always.


Is there someone who you know who is in trouble and needs encouragement? Think about how you can help them


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