1 Timothy 4:11 – 5:8

Written by the amazing Roger


1 Timothy 4 v11 – 5 v8


How to treat each other/Providing for dependent relatives

Paul reminds Timothy to persevere with teaching God’s word and to behave properly at all times to set an example to others. He says to treat all people with respect and kindness, in fact treat each other the way you would like to be treated.

People living on their own are very vulnerable, especially when things go wrong. The older you are often the harder it is to do things others take for granted. Often older people won’t admit to the difficulties they find themselves in.

Paul reminds Timothy that older people’s families have the prime responsibility for looking after the older generation. They have after all looked after the younger generations all their lives so it is right and proper to care for them as they get older.

One day each of us will be in that position of getting older and less able to look after ourselves, physically, financially and in lots of other ways. Being on your own too much can be very lonely for people, especially when they have lost their partner and are widowed.

So there are lots of ways to support them. Somethings just being there helps, or talking to them about their lives – it’s surprising how much they know when you ask them, or doing little jobs for them can be very useful and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time does it !



Help me to receive your hope in my heart,
To embrace your life flowing in mine.
I know I live and breathe as part of your family
And dwell safely in you.
I know you understand me.
I am not alone.


Do you have anyone who is very old living at home, or do you know someone who is on their own?

Find out the one thing that you can do to help them?


One thought on “1 Timothy 4:11 – 5:8

  1. A timely challenge to our church and community. There is so much loneliness. In many cultures older people are honoured members of an extended family. I often wonder why we have become so insular in the way we structure our lives. Mike


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