1 Timothy 3:14 – 4:10

Written by Roger


1 Timothy 3 v14 – 4 v10


What to do about false teaching

Have you ever been in a position when somebody has asked you to do something you know you should not do? Did they make it sound like it was something trivial, or that everybody else was doing it or that no one would find out or what was the harm in it anyway?  Hmm, not always easy to walk on or be seen as “the odd one out” is it. But you know better. You know that there is a slippery slope once you start doing the wrong thing, because then it becomes easier to do it in future and eventually you might come to think it isn’t wrong anyway.

Stop. Hold on. Think again. Paul was reminding Timothy that some people would desert the faith because of false teachings. And his advice to Timothy was to carry on teaching God’s Word. He was to keep on “keeping on”. Keep training the believers and keep practicing -carrying out God’s Word.  Our body can sometimes be feeble and our minds can have wrong thoughts but we know we can always and we should always trust in God. We should trust in the life to come and set our hope in God and we won’t be led astray.



Father, I pray that I might be open to hear Your voice. May I be eager to hear what You have to say to me through Your written Word, and by the Word as it is preached and sung at church. Lord, there are some things in Your Word that are difficult to hear—warnings about the need for purity and the need for deep repentance from sin. Let me be willing to hear those words and obey them.



“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.”

Find out where the above passage comes from in the bible. Would you recognise a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Ever heard Aesop’s fable about this?


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