2 Thessalonians 3

What is your perfect day off? 


2 Thessalonians 3


Sometimes it can feel like life is hard work. That we’re owed a break. That all we need to do is sit with our feet up and watch 20 episodes of something on Netflix. Or have a Star Wars marathon.

Those things aren’t bad in themselves, and once in a while can be awesome and helpful for us. But if that is all life holds for us, then we are probably being just a bit lazy. Just think what you could get done in the time. Apparently there is a rumour that after 10,000 hours you can become an expert in anything. Just think how many box set marathons that would be!

It’s easy to start messing up things and digging into things that don’t concern you when you are lazy. When you don’t have a focus and a purpose often arguments begin. And just simply, life costs money – we have to eat and so earning means that can happen. We can’t expect to be supported by others and to get a free ride through life when the people who can afford to offer that support are often working long hours to be able to do that.

And when your hours start filling up, remember Paul’s words – “never tire of doing good.” What could we change in the world if we were to take those words literally and live them out today?


Lord God, thank you for the skills and gifts you have given me. Help me to use them to build your kingdom today. Amen.


Where can you do good today?


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