2 Thessalonians 2

What have you learned about Jesus so far this year?


2 Thessalonians 2


Being a Christian isn’t about being nice to other people. It’s about following Jesus as closely as we can. Sometimes that involves being intelligent about the way we respond to other people. God loves everyone, end of story. But some people are weird and they have weird ideas and those ideas can easily distract us, and harm us and our faith.

There is one of those weirdos who has come to them and told them that the day of the Lord (the time when Jesus is coming back at the end of time) has already happened. In fact possibly more than one weirdo. The end of time hasn’t come yet and when it does, anything that is not helping others to worship God will be shown up for what it is – the bad things in the world will be overthrown by Jesus. The lies might look good and seem like they are worth our attention, but they are just attempts by the devil to stop us from our primary purpose – worshipping Jesus and following him.

It is our job to keep standing firm and holding fast to the things that are of God – the things that are good and life-giving. Hold fast to the teaching we’ve received from Christians who have gone before us. Hold firm to what we believe and in the goodness of God.


Lord God, we thank you that you are in control. That you are good and that you defeat all that is evil. Help us keep standing firm to what we believe and to keep on trusting in your goodness. Amen.


What can help you stand firm today?


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