1 Thessalonians 2:17 – 3:13

Written by the magnificent Suzanne


1 Thessalonians 2:17 – 3:13


Batman, Harry Potter, Aslan, James Bond, Superman, Spiderman…….and the list goes on. Who doesn’t love a nail biting story of good overcoming evil? It always does and always will.


Welcome to life, the greatest goody versus baddy happening of all time, starring God, us and Satan. It’s not fiction.


It started with Creation, when God made the world, and will end when God comes to earth to take us to Heaven. God is in charge of it all and Satan is the main bad character. He’s a pretty big nuisance. His weakness though, is that  he has no power or authority over us because we belong to God. He has to fool us into making mistakes which he then claims for his own glory. Cunning and sly, that’s him. A dangerous fellow!


Today’s reading is a scene from the story of life, way back 2000 years and more.

Paul desperately wanted to visit the Thessalonian community to make sure that Satan hadn’t been meddling with their new found faith in God. However, Satan struck and stopped Paul from being able to make the journey. But God won, of course, by sending Timothy who brought the news back to Paul. And it was good news!  The Thessalonians were stronger than ever in their faith and were spreading God’s word to others. Paul was so happy: another victory for God!


Each new day is another scene from the story of life. What part will you play today? God is not writing the script. We make our own moves, but God will guide, help and protect us if we will let Him.



Dear God, we ask you to guide every thought, decision and action we make today, so that you may be victorious. Please protect us from the lies of Satan. You are the only true God. In you we are safe. Amen


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