Colossians 4: 2-18

Colossians 4: 2-18


Have you ever been told that what you think, or the way you do something, is wrong? I’m not proud of this but I don’t deal with criticism well. I either curl up and cry, feeling worthless and defeated, or rise up in defence and insist that I’m right before I’ve even thought about it. Neither of these reactions are helpful in facing a problem.

On the other hand, have you ever met a person who believes and behaves differently to you but they do it in a way that isn’t challenging or undermining? They still hang out with you and don’t suggest that you’re wrong at all but continue to behave differently. Gradually you get to thinking and, to cut a long story short, you realise that, actually, their way is much better and you end up changing.

This, I believe, is what Paul is referring to in verses 5 and 6. In other words, set a good example to your friends and pray that God will help them to get to know him. Do this for the sake of your friends’ salvation, not to prove that you are right.


Dear God, please give me the strength and courage to dare to behave in a way that would make you proud, so that my friends would see a glimpse of you and want to seek more.


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