Colossians 1:1-14

Who do you pray for each day? 


Colossians 1:1-14


Paul was a total legend. He not only travelled all over the place getting people excited about following Jesus for themselves and planting churches wherever he could, he prayed for all the people he left behind him. And it’s not a prayer that goes “please sort out Little Johnny as he really needs to change and be nice” but it’s a prayer that comes from being thankful. He has heard of the faith of the people in Colossae (there was a big/colossal statue there, hence the name) and their love for other people. Jesus has come into their lives and changed them for good.

As a result of this, Paul is not only thankful for their faith and their love, but he prays that the might have the wisdom that can only come through the Holy Spirit, that their lives might bear fruit, and than they might be strengthened in power according to God’s glorious might and that they themselves might be thankful. It’s a prayer that they might live out their faith powerfully in the world around them.

Colossians is a book filled to the brim with talk about who God is – it’s what we call theology. And there’s a bit right at the end of this passage – speaking of how God has rescued us form the dominion of darkness and brought us into Jesus’ kingdom, and that through Jesus, we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Redemption is all about being set free – no longer being a slave. Through Jesus we have been rescued from all the things we have done wrong in life. God is good!


Father God we thank you for all your goodness. We pray for others around us, that they might be strengthened by your power and that you would make them wise. We are thankful for all the other Christians around us. Amen


Who can you encourage today?


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