Philippians 4:2-23

What makes you happy?


Philippians 4:2-23


Sometimes I think we can think too much of ourselves and our own comfort. Recently I slept in a Travelodge overnight. It was nice, but there was a bit of noise from other rooms and the shower was just a bit weird and had no power at all. Don’t think power shower, think feeble just of water. I was trying to get comfortable, but then a door would slam. But then I remembered – this is actually pretty nice really. There are some places in the world where having somewhere fixed to sleep at night is a luxury. Where a mattress is a bonus. Where water does not run unless you pour a bucket you’ve fished from a dirty river over your head. Travelodge – luxury.

Paul is not staying in a Travelodge at this point. He’s in prison. It is likely that he would have shared facilities if there were any at all, and he probably didn’t have a mattress either. And yet, he says “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” It does put things somewhat into perspective, doesn’t it?

How does he do it? When things are wrong (and right too), he prays. And when we do that, God gives us his peace, which is a peace beyond all human understanding and a peace that only God can give.

But there is more than that. The reason he can be content is because he knows that it isn’t him who needs to survive, but it is God working in and through him, giving him the strength that he needs. It’s not about us at all. It’s not about being comfortable and being surrounded by luxury. True contentment comes from seeing God work in and through us, making us into the people he designed us to be.


Lord God, thank you that you are enough. Thank you that you give us your peace and that you are always with us, even when times are tough. We pray for all those who don’t have enough today. Amen


Why not make a list of some of the things you are thankful for today?


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