Philippians 1


Welcome to Thursday everyone!

Read todays passage here: Philippians 1

On a brisk sunny day in March, a group of excitable teenagers (plus me and some other leaders) headed to the Isle of Weight for St. Peter’s Youth Weekend Away. (Shout outs to any one reading this who was on that trip! :D) It was a fun weekend – and apart from the water fights, marshmallow toasting and games on the beach, we also looked at the book of Philippians.

Philippians is a letter from Paul (who was in prison at the time) to the church in Philippi. It’s a pretty powerful letter, filled with many little nuggets of awesomeness.

In the first chapter, Paul writes about his sufferings – but he’s not complaining. Oh no. He is happy that his time in prison has caused the Kingdom of God to increase and become better known. Bad food, terrible toilet facilities no doubt, no heating… how can this make Paul happy? Pretty sure I would be thinking differently if I were in Paul’s shoes! I mean imagine what it was like?

Well, it was a good perspective to have actually, and in fact, he is sort of right. The enemy wanted to lock Paul away so he would be discredited and forgotten about – but through his letters he wrote in prison to Philippi in the New Testament, more good has been done for the Kingdom of God than he would have been able to do being free. Kind of ironic huh?

So what does this all mean for us? Well it means that Christians should surrender their lives in service to Jesus. Whatever the cost involved. Who knows what amazing things could happen as an outcome of that service?

Dear Lord, help me to be brave and give my life in service to you. Thank you that you are with me in times of trouble, and that you turn bad things to good. Amen.


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