Ephesians 6:10-24

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Read todays passage here: Ephesians 6:10-24

Sometimes I think it’s easy to get a false impression of what following Christ means. When you commit to being a Christian, does your life suddenly become a fairytale – filled with sunshine, rainbows and prancing unicorns? Are all our problems solved just like magic? Are our lives going to be so easy that we will never face troubles again? Well… let’s look at what tools Paul says we need to live life as Christians.

According to Paul we need to put on spiritual armour. Like full battle-worthy, Game-of-Thrones, Lord-of-the-Rings style armour! I’m not suggesting we all become involved in cosplay – we are talking in metaphors here people. Let’s take a look at the list..

The Amour of God consists of:

1 x Belt of Truth

1 x Breastplate of Righteousness

2 x Shoes of the Gospel

1 x Shield of Faith

1 x Helmet of Salvation

1 x Sword of the Spirit

Did you notice that the armor of God is mostly about defense? There is only one offensive weapon – the Sword of the Spirit. What does that show us? That as Christians there is always a lot coming at us. People might think that becoming a Christian means all your problems are over, but God is not saying that. He’s saying yes life is hard, but here are the spiritual tools I will give you to help you get through it.

So what is this Sword of the Spirit? Well according to Paul this is the Word of God. The greatest spiritual weapon we have. When Jesus was tempted in the desert, the Word of God was always his supreme response to anything Satan had to throw at him. How amazing that the same Word is available to us too!

Dear Lord, help us to be strong and put on the Armour of God as we go though our lives. Thank you that you stand by us through the hard times, and that you are always with us no matter what. Amen.


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