Ephesians 5:3-21

Happy Monday everyone! Carol here taking the Life BIOY reins for a week.

Read here: Ephesians 5:3-21

Have you ever noticed when you’ve been in a car, that the front windscreen can look lovely and clean – until the sun comes out. It’s the same with any window really. The sun makes all the grime, dirt and little marks show up, which often means I need to spray the windscreen with water straight away so I can see where I’m driving!

This is a bit like the passage we just read. Yeah I know there weren’t cars around in Jesus’ time – but the idea is the same.

“Everything exposed by the light becomes visible”

Jesus is this light, shining onto our lives. Do you ever get the feeling that the window of your life is a little murky – that you’ve done some things you shouldn’t have done, or not done some things that you should have? All’s ticking along just fine, until Jesus shines his light on you, and suddenly it’s obvious what little marks and grime and dirt need to be swept away. The good news is that Jesus offers a free trip through the car wash to anyone and everyone – it really doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Jesus will always wash you clean if you say sorry and mean it.

The last part of this passage says we should always give thanks to God the Father for everything. If you are wondering what in your life you can give thanks to the Lord about, then that surely is something!

Thank you Lord that you shine your light onto my life so that I am never in darkness. I am sorry for the things that I do wrong. Thank you for washing me clean of all my sins when I say sorry and mean it. Amen.


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