Ephesians 4:1-16

What are your gifts or strengths?


Ephesians 4:1-16


When we look at the church, we see people all around with different gifts. Some are great at teaching, others caring for people, some are gifted at telling people about Jesus. But sometimes we see people with amazing gifts that they aren’t willing to use or don’t feel confident about using.

The reason that we’re called to use these gifts is because we’re trying to build up the body of Christ, so that people are equipped with all that they need to follow Jesus. That’s why we’re writing these posts – we want to help people and give them the tools they need as they discover more about Jesus for themselves. Our hope is that our church as a whole would become mature in faith, becoming the people God has made us to be.

Children are great, but they can be easily manipulated and swayed. Just think of a child when hearing an ice cream van. Our hope is that you would all be able to know what the Bible says for yourselves, and to be able to live out of the fullness of your relationship with God.

We’re joined together in the Church as the Body of Christ, with Jesus as the head. He’s the one in charge, and running the show. Together we work by using our gifts to build one another up in love, and to help each other grow up in faith.


Lord God, thank you for the gifts you have given us. Help us to build one another up, and live out our love for one another. Help us to follow you closely. Amen.


How can you use your gifts today?


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