Ephesians 1:1-14

Do you ever wonder what the point of life is?


Ephesians 1:1-14


The Adjustment Bureau is a film all about life that is just a bit different. There is a master plan and life has to happen according to the lines on the plan, otherwise unseen forces (wearing funny hats) manipulate things to make sure they happen just right. Can these forces stop David and Elise from falling in love and staying together?

The Bible tells us a different story. It tells us that we have been chosen by a loving Creator and that there is a plan, but it is a plan that is about giving glory to God and living as the people he has made us to be. When we become believers, we become a part of the story and are filled with the Holy Spirit as a sign of the inheritance that one day will be ours. And through this plan comes our redemption, our rescue from our sins, and our forgiveness.

People have argued many times about whether this means that we have any choice in whether we are saved or not, or whether people have been marked out before the beginning of time. But saying that God has a plan and that he knows the choices we will make is different to saying that we are puppets with no choice of our own. It is clear that we can all make the choice whether or not we want to be followers of Jesus, and when we make that choice for ourselves, then we are rescued.


Lord God, thank you for your amazing rescue plan. Thank you that you know us and love us more than we can ever know. Amen.


Why not respond with praise to our amazing God?


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