Galatians 4:1-20

If you look back to when you first discovered Jesus, has anything changed in you since then?


Galatians 4:1-20


Something has happened to the Galatians. Paul is writing this letter to them, in part because he has heard that they have started to do things a bit wrong. They have started to return to doing the things they did before they knew Jesus, to the extent that they have become enslaved by those things. They have forgotten the joy of knowing Jesus.

The thing is, they have no need to act as slaves. And nor do we. Jesus came and through him we have been set free from all that holds us back. In the ancient world, the son was the heir, daughters didn’t really get much. Through Jesus, we have become like sons, receiving the inheritance from God.

It’s such a privilege. And yet, so easy to forget about it, and turn back to the things that separate us from God, the things that might feel good at the time, but don’t ultimately fulfil us. Why would we choose to act like slaves when we can inherit so much from our loving Father? It sounds crazy, but it’s what we do so often.


Lord God, thank you that in Jesus, you give us your inheritance. Thank you that we no longer need to be slaves. 


Look up the song: May I never lose the wonder on Youtube and sing along as you praise God for sending Jesus.


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