Galatians 2

Have you ever changed your behaviour because of what people were saying about you?


Galatians 2


Jesus came and changed everything.

Before he came, people thought that the only way they could please God was by following a set of instructions to the letter. Some people went a bit too far – they would measure their herbs and spices and count them in their income, so that they would also give 10% of them as part of their giving. Just to make sure. Just in case.

But people aren’t justified, or made right, by following the law. They are made right with God through faith in Jesus. He is the only way we can be saved from our sins.

All the old walls started breaking down, and even the people who Jews wouldn’t eat with or go to the houses of started to be accepted. But then people started to hesitate a bit – even Peter (Cephas) because they started to worry about what people were saying. But Paul says this was wrong – because if the law could have set us free, then Jesus’ death was a total waste of time.

Jesus is they only way to be right with God. He alone saves.


Lord God, thank you for sending Jesus to die on our behalf. Help us to remember that and worship you for that. Amen.


Pray that your faith in Jesus would help bring transformation to your life and the life of others today.


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