2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10

2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10


Your weakness makes you strong.

Finally a verse which makes me feel like I’m not completely failing at being a Christian. This is not my get out clause for not trying or for not trying to be a better me, this verse is for those time when I’ve tried but felt defeated. PHEW!! Boy do I need these wise words. Sometimes I feel like I’m such a rubbish Christian I try to live my life as godly as possible but I feel fear like the best of us. My fear comes from being open about being a Christian (which to be honest nobody ever seems to care that I am), I have this horrible fear that people will suddenly see me completely differently or think I’m going to try to convert them. The many times I’ve said I go to Church and people couldn’t care less should teach me that actually people are pretty accepting, but there is that initial fear of ‘what if they see me differently’. Not only has this but lots of other things made me wonder if I’m doing this Christian thing right…

I’m naturally a worrier so I always get super nervous about small things, I tend to overthink and make up scenarios and solutions to them in case they happen… (I know I’m a bit weird right!). Thing is I always feel if I’ve covered everything then I’m fully prepared even if the worst happens. I recognised this weakness when I found I had lots of sleepless night e.g. before exams or going on holiday the next day. All I wanted was to stop overthinking everything, stop worrying and just be normal… Haha normal! Well now I use my weakness as a strength. My worrying means I’m actually a pretty organised person, I feel prepared for most situations and after learning how to prepare myself mentally I now sleep fine even with a high pressure thing the next day. I’m starting to learn how to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

So go for it… What are your weaknesses and how can you turn them into your strengths?

Because when we are weak, we rely on God more and do things in HIS strength, not our own. On the cross, Jesus was at his weakest, but also at his strongest.


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