2 Corinthians 10:1-11:15

Written by Emma


2 Corinthians 10:1-11:15


We are not better than anyone else including God.

I think everyone has a tendency to hold certain people up on a pedestal and look down on others. It’s a universal fact you judge people, ‘thank goodness I’m not like you know who’ or ‘I wish I looked like them they have an amazing life’. I’m not saying we can stop ourselves judging people it’s difficult to stop judging someone on first impressions/appearance. What we need to realise is that in the eyes on God that person is exactly the same as me – we both sin, make mistakes, love things and live in the same world. It’s not easy to treat everyone the same, some people can really get your goat (love that saying) and others you just click with and you end up finishing each other’s sandwiches (totes a frozen reference). But with God he is obviously so much better than me, I mean he’s God. I think I can sometimes look at situations and think ‘Seriously God you think that was the right decision for me are you kidding. I really think you made a massive mistake with that one.’ I’m pretty sure if I had control over everything in my life then I would have the most amazing life EVER! – There I go thinking I can do a better job than God, seriously have I not seen Bruce Almighty I should really learn from movies. Like in Bruce Almighty God has such wider view than I do, he can see everything and all the consequences leading from my decisions. I can’t believe I sometimes think I’m better than God especially when I put so much trust in him, it almost feels like I betray him when I think I could do better with my life. Trying to avoid this ending on a down note, bringing it back to happy… God knows we are all flawed and that we think we know what is best for us and the reason we are Christian is because we have faith that God knows our plan better than us.

Try to remember God knows us, our plans and our future and his plans will be amazing, if a little unexpected at times.

Also, try to not judge people. When you meet someone try to be open minded and remember at the end of the day you are both flawed people who makes mistakes.


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