2 Corinthians 8

Written by Emma


2 Corinthians 8  


Soul Food helped and inspired me to write this!

In Soul Food we read this passage and talked about what it means. We identified that we all have things to bring to the Church and community, but what’s difficult is that ‘Community for us is such a big word’.

Community use to mean your local community, which was your neighbours, your church and your local area. Community now has a completely different meaning “We are not just in the community we are in the world”. With the internet our communities have grown not just our local town’s but to a wider audience the world. We all realised we now belong to a lot of communities, Vegan/Vegetarian, fandom, dance, gym, Christian, celebrity, etc… just to name a few. Will all of us connecting in these communities over social media are our voices being heard?… “no”. What a worrying fact, we belong to so many communities that we feel our voice is being drowned out. It’s sad really that social media which has bought so many people together, has also meant our voices are not being heard. So when it comes to spreading the message in our community, can we do it? “Yes it’s possible” Woohoo! That’s awesome and encouraging, even though we feel like our voices aren’t being heard that’s not stopping us we are going for it, we are part of all these communities and I think it only makes us stronger.

So what now? Well the Bible teaches us to go into these communities representing Jesus, show people what a real Christian looks like… yes a Christian can love sci fi, dance, drama, gardening, a celebrity. I think showing love and support to others in your communities is showing them that Christians aren’t a stereotype but actually we are just like everyone else.


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