1 Corinthians 15:35-58

So what will life after death be like?

1 Corinthians 15:35-58

This is one of many questions which fascinates us, for example, what will our bodies be like? Well, in today’s passage, Paul attempts to answer this question:

Our new bodies will be nothing like our earthly bodies, in the same way that a new plant sprouting from the ground is nothing like the seed which had to die to give it new life.

Each one of us will have a different new body from everyone else – just like the Sun is different from the Moon and the Moon is different from the stars and each star is different from all the other stars – we will have just the body God wants each of us to have.

Our new bodies will be beautiful and strong and will live forever unlike our present bodies which are, in comparison, ugly and weak and will die.

Our present physical bodies will become spiritual bodies. Paul compares this to Adam and Jesus. We are now like Adam, made from the dust of the earth with physical bodies. In future we shall be like Jesus who came from Heaven, not from the earth, and who now has a Spiritual not a physical body.

Our present bodies of flesh and blood will decay but these will all be changed into bodies that won’t die or decay but that will be eternal and so will live for ever. Death will be defeated!

It is all truly awesome isn’t it but does it really tell us what Heaven will be like? Well no, because we can only really imagine things relative to our own past experiences and eternal life with almighty God is so far from our past experience that it really is beyond our power to conceive. We just know that it will be better than our wildest dreams can imagine!

So should we keep trying to answer these questions? No – it’s probably not worthwhile – but we should just be greatly encouraged and always stand firm and not be shaken, knowing the promise of what lies ahead for us. Paul tells us that, instead, we should spend our time always keeping busy working for the Lord, for we know that everything we do for him is definitely worthwhile.

Dear Lord, please fill us with trust that after this earthly life we will share in a new and unimaginably wonderful everlasting life with you. Fill us too with with a yearning to make the very best of this earthly life in serving you and sharing this good news with everyone we know.


Every now and then, wonder and marvel for a few moments at the eternal future that awaits you, then redouble your efforts to do all you can for God in the here and now.


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