1 Corinthians 5-6

Take some time to confess the things you have done that don’t please God and ask for his forgiveness. Know that he has forgiven you.


1 Corinthians 5-6



There had been some bad things happening in the Corinthian church. People who were supposed to be holy were doing things they really shouldn’t have – incest was just one. Another was that people were having a dispute and taking each other to court over it. It was messy, and public mess that that. Everyone could see that this group who were supposed to be about holiness really weren’t any better than anyone else.

I’m not saying that the Church should cover up it’s mistakes – in fact, that’s a really bad thing to do. But we’re supposed to be transformed people – we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, which should help us stop making the bad choices that lead to bad and wrong actions – like stealing, sleeping with people we’re not married to, arguing with one another, being greedy or cheating other people.

Some of those things might feel good at the time. But that doesn’t make them ok. Being a Christian is all about having freedom in Christ – but just because we have freedom doesn’t mean that it’s ok to make choices that hurt us or other people.

Jesus called his followers to follow two commandments – to love God with all that we are, and to love other people. When we love God, we want to follow his rules and live the life he has for us. When we love other people, we don’t want to cause them hurt. When we start living life like this, people on the outside start to look in and say “I want what they have.”


Lord God, thank you for your Holy Spirit. Help us to make the right and good choices for what we will do and say today. Help us to live lives that make other people want to know you for themselves. Amen.


Why not make an agreement with someone about the kind of person you would like to be – check back in a few weeks or months and find out how each of you are doing. Pray for each other to be filled with more of the Holy Spirit.


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