1 Corinthians 2

Prepare for God to speak to you. Open yourself up to whatever he might have to say.


1 Corinthians 2



Have you ever been listening to a talk and what the person has said makes total and utter sense at the time. You understand it all and you praise God for it in response. But then other times, the words feel like a complete fog?

Paul tells the church in Corinth that through the power of the Holy Spirit, they have been given understanding. That is part of the Spirit’s job – to bring clarity and to help us to understand God. He even helps us pray.

All Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit as soon as they decide to follow Jesus. Sometimes it’s a bit louder or there are more outward signs for some people, but all Christians have access to God through the Spirit. But those on the outside, those who haven’t yet declared Jesus to be their Lord and their Saviour, don’t have the same gift. That is why people often simply don’t understand Christianity. We call this “Spiritual Blindness.”

Being filled with the Spirit means that we have the mind of Christ. It is such a privilege. It means we can be shaped and transformed to be more like him. We can see the world as he sees it. We can communicate with our loving heavenly Father, just as Jesus did. It’s such a gift!


Lord God, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Help us to see more of you. Help the fog to clear away and for us to see you more clearly each and every day. Amen.


Pray for God to reveal himself through the Holy Spirit to you today.


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