Romans 15:1-13

Do you consider yourself weak or strong?


Romans 15:1-13



Sometimes it can be very hard to get along with those around us. We’re all different, and God has given us all different skills and abilities. There are some people who are desperately irritating and there are some who make mistakes. Then there are others (obviously like me!) who are totally brilliant.

I was once sitting in a meeting with someone who was sniffing a LOT. I was getting more and more to the point where I wanted to shout out “GET A HANDKERCHIEF” when suddenly I realised that I was the one with the problem, not Mr Sniffy. It was my problem, yes, a tissue would have helped somewhat, but I was the one being upset by it.

Other people’s foibles and issues are only our problem when we let them be. Paul tells the church in Rome to bear with one another’s failings. To build up other people, not bring them down. Because when we do that, then God is glorified. And Jesus did it too, which is always a good reason to do something.

It’s not always easy to build people up, but Paul prays that they and we might have the same attitude to one another that Jesus had. It’s like we were talking about on the weekend away – Jesus’ attitude was all about how low can you go and not bigging yourself up but looking for ways to serve others.


Lord God, help me today be patient and understanding with those around me. Help me to see them all as you see them, and help me to love them, even if they are very different to me. Amen.


Who can you encourage today?


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