Romans 14

Written by Roger


Romans 14




Weak and strong

God accepts us for who we are. He knows everything about us. We are all different but we are all NOT perfect. Some of us can be easily tempted – that extra Easter egg, new clothes, to take something that is not ours, to say something bad about someone else, not to tell the truth. But can we accept other people, and all their faults, the way God accepts them?

Well we can start by not judging them. Would I have been tempted to do the same thing that they did that was wrong? Why then would I not forgive them?

We are a work in progress and therefore able to change. We at least should be given the chance to change and be supported in that change. So why should we not offer that help to others? If we do not offer that help might that be the reason for someone to repeat that weakness.

For the same reason we should not do anything to cause someone else to stumble.



Help me Lord to serve others effectively day by day. Amen



Is there an area where you would like to be stronger? What are your strengths and weaknesses?


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