Romans 11:11-36

Written by Roger


Romans 11:11-36




Ingrafted Branches


Like an Olive tree where the root sustains the tree, God the holy root saves and sustains us. Like many trees some branches become rotten or diseased and branches fall off and die. So it is with us if we depart from our faith – that part of us begins to wither and can become lost.

However just like a tree, branches can be grafted in and take nourishment from the root. So if we do become separated from God we can still regain what was lost. And non-believers, such as the gentiles, can come to faith by hearing and believing.

We are not going to do everything right all of the time, we are not “pure”, but we can still recover from even the worst mistakes we make and it is never too late to be helped. Even the wildest branches can be grafted in and these often become the strongest.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. John 15:1



Dear Lord, please make me a fruitful part of your garden. Amen



Have you ever felt separated from God? How did it feel then? How does it feel to know God’s love? Can you feel the difference?


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