Romans 9:30-10:21

Written by Roger


How might I be changed?


Romans 9:30-10:21




When we read the bible we must continually think and reflect on God’s word. What is it that I understand? What is it that I should be doing? We can’t expect to understand everything straight away so we must read on and keep looking and asking. Our mind set will change over time so it will be a process of gradual change. Once we know what this means to us we will be changed but we must also then act out this change to make a difference in our lives.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130.

The words here convey the impression of taking a scrunched up sheet of paper from the bin and carefully unfolding it to see what had been written, as, perhaps, a detective might do at a crime scene. Equally carefully the words would be examined to reveal clues and shed light on the mystery.

Studying God’s word carefully will lead us, in due course, to that long-awaited reward – the “Ah-Ha!” moment.

And who is this for? Who benefits? “The simple.” The one who comes in humility, acknowledging ignorance, dependent on God for wisdom, insight and understanding, the one who says, “Teach me Lord; Open my eyes to wonderful things in your law.” (Ps 119:28)


Dear Lord, please speak to me and keep me humble and teachable. In Jesus’ name, Amen


At times God’s word will not have an obvious meaning. Either we simply won’t see what it means, or there will be an additional significance we don’t immediately spot. That’s where the unfolding comes in: Unwrapping, study, comparison, discussion, prayer and waiting for revelation and understanding. Ask your friends what they are thinking about or don’t understand.


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