Romans 8:1-11

Written by Dave


Romans 8 1-11



One of my favourite story’s is CS Lewis ‘s The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe in the story there is a part when Edmund is found out to be a traitor and the White witch demands that he is punished according to the law. Aslan offers himself to take Edmunds punishment of death. This is a good way of showing that when we are followers of Christ, the punishment for our sinful nature and the sins we have committed is taken by Christ. He takes the punishment for us so that we are set free.

Paul explains that people that have their mind set on only getting what they desire are resistant to Gods law and will face the punishment of death in the end. People that live there life to please God the spirit of God lives in them and this leads to life eternal. For they are living in Christ.

For those living in Christ the situation is good you sins are forgiven and if have a slip up and commit a sin as long as you are truly sorry for it you are forgiven. You can’t think that God will reject you because you have failed and feel you are a bad Christian it’s simply not true as a loving Father he only wants the best for us and that is to be with him in Christ.


Lord God Thank you for sending Jesus to step in to my place and take the burden of my sin Help me live for your glory and show others what it means to be saved.


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