Romans 7: 1-12

Written by Dave


Romans 7 1-12



Ever signed for something like a new phone only to find the service is rubbish but you can’t leave because you are bound by a contract? You have to put up with it you agreed to keep to the terms of the contract. However if the phone provider goes bust or the contract ends you are free to move and get a better deal. When we are bound by something we sometime get the urge to rebel against it. This can land you with a lot of problems

Paul explains that when we bound by the law but find it hard to keep the law due to sin deceiving us and causing us to break the law. When Jesus died he broke our bond to the law and gave us a better deal in which we had freedom instead of working hard to keep the law we should seek to be Christ like and seek righteousness.  You are saved by grace not by observing the law, it does not matter how good you are at keep the law if you don’t fully follow Christ in your heart you can still miss out on being saved.

Paul has to explain this because the Jews at the time were concerned with keeping Gods law. For an example he used marriage which people would understand. So are the laws bad or sinful? Well in a word, no. The only bad thing about the law was that people used them in bad ways. Your bond to being saved is not with doing all the rights things it is in following Jesus with all your heart.


Lord God Please help in seeking you in everything that I do and say help me be more Christ like 



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