Romans 6:12-23

Written by Dave


Romans 6:12-23





With the nicer weather and having some time free this weekend I managed to get out in to my garden. After the winter the garden was looking like it needed some attention I have a hydrangea in my front garden.  To look at it all the flower heads that had gone brown and died in fact the whole plant looks dead. But this is not the case I know that this plant is very much alive and will flower again this summer. In order for this to happen I need to remove all the dead brown flower heads from last year by removing the things that are dead and of no use from the hydrangea and keeping the new green buds this plant can flower and show it’s true beauty.

In this passage Paul is saying pretty much the same thing that when you are saved and you follow Christ sin is now dead to you. From that point on you  no longer want anything to do with the things that you did that were sinful. You cut them out of your life because they are dead and of no use

Where you were a slave to sin and sinning bound to it unable to escape. The bonds were broken the day to followed Christ you are no longer a slave to sin, but now you choose to be a slave to God. This brings freedom with eternal life.


Lord God please help me cut out the dead things I no longer need also help me  remember the freedom and life I have in you by becoming a slave to you  and everything that is offered


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