Romans 6: 1-11

Is there something you have done that you regret and that you need to ask forgiveness for?


Romans 6:1-11



I’m sure I’ve mention loads and loads by now that I used to live in Russia. It was somewhat cold there in the winter as you might expect, which was great as I love snow. So much fun.

In cafes and restaurants and museums and in loads of other places, people were paid to wash the floors. It was a constant job, because as soon as someone would walk in from the snow, the floor would be dirty again and would need wiping down again. It must have been soul destroying for those who did it.

It feels like that is a great picture for what sin is like. We are washed clean by Jesus, then it is so easy to mess up again and it’s like you have to start again. But Jesus can wipe you clean again. There is always hope.

As a Christian, we know that we should keep away from the things that are bad. The things that take us away from the life God has for us, and yet, it is so easy to get back there. Paul asks if we should keep on sinning so as to show God’s extravagant grace and forgiveness. The answer is, unsurprisingly, no. Let’s not. As Christians, the old ways are gone – they are as if dead to us. Just as Jesus was raised in the resurrection to new life, so we are too.

So we are called to count the sinful things as dead to us and put them behind us, and remember that we are alive to God in Christ. Sometimes it might be easier than other times, but we always have God’s help as we do it.


Thank you Lord that you forgive our sins. Thank you for the extravagant grace that you have shown us. Help us to keep on fighting the sins we choose to keep on going back to. Amen


Wash your hands as a symbol of having been made clean by Jesus. Praise him for all he has done for us.


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