Romans 5:12-21

Look at the world around you. Praise God for what you see.


Romans 5:12-21



One person can change everything. One person is enough.

The world we live in is a broken place. The Bible tells the story about how that came to be in the first few chapters of Genesis. It says there was a beautiful garden, some animals, a couple of people and some fruit. And one rule. Don’t eat the fruit. Yet, that was what happened. Adam and Eve made a bad choice and ate and nothing was the same again.

Back in Romans, Paul is giving Adam all the blame for what is wrong in the world because of that bad choice. We all know we do things that displease God, because Adam went before us and did bad things. He represents the way that sin entered the world, he is a symbol for us as humans to demonstrate exactly what it means to be human – to be broken and to do things wrong. And because of what Adam did, all humans stood condemned.

Sounds bad. Sounds like there is no hope at all…and yet, Jesus. Jesus was also one man (and also God – complex, but was both fully man and fully God) who came and changes everything. Just as Adam is representative of all of humankind and our fallenness, Jesus is a symbol of how God can change everything through his grace. Through what he did on the cross, there is now no more condemnation but forgiveness.

Complex. But what you need to remember is that one man changes everything. Jesus is enough.


Lord God, thank you that you make everything all right for us. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for us. Please help us to know you more. Amen.


Who can you show forgiveness to today?


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