Romans 4:13-25

Who do you trust?


Romans 4:13-25



Sometimes it really helps to hear an example of something we’re being asked to do. Here Paul gives us an example of someone who lived in faith many centuries before. Abraham’s story is told in Genesis 12 onwards. He was someone who had a relationship with God, and one day God told him to pack up his things, and go on a journey to a place God would give him. There he would be a blessing to those in the nations around him, and he would have more descendants than grains of sand by the sea.

This probably seems a bit of a surprise because he was rather old and many would say ‘past it,’ meaning him and his wife were now too old to have children. But he went anyway. There were a few times when he struggled to do the right thing and to trust God in that, but he spent most of the time on the right track. He believed in what God had for him, and even though he didn’t live to see it, the land he had been promised was the land his descendants entered a few centuries later. We all count as his descendants and at Pentecost, the blessing of the Jewish people spread out to many of surrounding nations.

Through his belief, Abraham was “credited with righteousness”. That means that his faith in God, and his faith that God is powerful enough to complete what he has promised even when it seemed impossible has made him right before God. This is how people before Jesus in time can be saved without knowing him for themselves. And we too can be “credited with righteousness” when we choose to step out in faith, and know that God is faithful, and he keeps all his promises.


Lord God, thank you for your great power and for all your faithfulness. Help us believe in you more. Help us to follow Abraham’s example and step out in faith. Amen.


Where is God calling you to step out in faith, and trust that he is able today?


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