Romans 3:1-20

List some of the ways you have seen God’s faithfulness in your life


Romans 3:1-20



Without God, things would be totally hopeless. When it’s dark and you look at a block of flats, you can see light shining from all the windows. When it’s not dark, you can see the light less. Whenever there is bad stuff around, God’s goodness shines out the most. We see that in broken places and broken people – some people have been completely and utterly transformed through knowing Jesus.

So some people sort of think “well, what’s the point of even trying to be good then?” Surely if people are bad, then that only makes God look better and generally more glorious? Nope. Paul says that is completely beyond the point. When we know Jesus, we start to be shaped by him. It’s like us being a bit like the people we hang out with. If we choose to spend time with the bad kids, likely that will start to rub off on us and our parents will not be happy. But if we spend time with Jesus, then his love will start to shape who we are.

There is no one who doesn’t need Jesus. We are all sinners, no one righteous, or right before God. And following the law from the Old Testament makes no difference really – that was just a method of pointing out to people just how sinful they are – we all need rescuing, end of story.


Lord God, we’re sorry for the times when we’ve turned against you and made a mess of things and been unloving. Thank you that you sent Jesus to rescue us. Amen.


Thank God for all he has done for you.


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